Become an ASYSTed Business

Eligibility Criteria for being an AsYSTed Business. 

Applicants need to be able to demonstrate certain or all of the following:

  • Have a meaningful Business concept/idea;
  • Attended 2 SYST workshops or equivalent (within previous 6 months);
  • Have a meaningful Business concept/idea;
  • Completing the SYST Registration Form and signing up to a commitment to carry forward a SYST supported process into starting a business;
  • Re-signing after 12 months to demonstrate ongoing commitment;
  • Are based within the county of Shropshire / Telford & The Wrekin
  • 16-30 years old (With recent funding we can temporarily help others above this age) and/or;
  • Unemployed and/or;
  • Under-employed and/or;
  • Refused help from conventional sources.

There are many advantages and benefits to eligible start-ups to be an ASYSTed Business.

Benefits of being an “ASYSTED BUSINESS”

  • Use of the “ASYSTed Business” logo to promote your business;
  • SYST Mentor can be assigned to your business;
  • Assistance with Business Plans/planning and provision of templates and information;
  • Access to Finance via SYST and/or SYST Partners/Affiliates;
  • FREE clinics and workshops on business themes;
  • FREE use of PC’s, internet and Microsoft applications for business research/planning;
  • FREE access to networking events and exhibitions;
  • FREE access to certain Shropshire Chamber of Commerce workshops and events;
  • FREE access to some Federation of Small Business events and business information;
  • Access to subsidised or FREE craft and wedding fayres;
  • Access to subsidised pop up retail opportunities;
  • Access to a virtual office address;
  • Access to conference rooms and facilities;
  • Access to subsidised business premises at Shropshire Enterprise Centres;
  • Access to subsidised co-working desk space;
  • Access to SYST Mentoring and Money business panel;
  • FREE access to Telephone answering service (limited availability and up to 2 months only);
  • FREE access to own file on SYST Dropbox ;
  • Marketing Support via
    • FREE page on SYST website;
    • Free promotion via SYST social media & partners;
    • General marketing advice.

To register your interest please apply here.