Jordan McCabe Voice Over Artist

How would people summarise what I do? Some say I make imagination come to life, others would say I drive home the excitement of their product, but then… there are some who even say I am creativity personified. What we do know is, I’m all about making Voice Acting fun.

Hello! My name is Jordan, I first got into Voice Acting after a meeting with The Hive in April 2021, this then developed into being put in contact with Shropshire Youth Support Trust in May 2021 who further helped to develop my skills and turn a curiosity, into an interest, into a possibility, into a profession.

But Jordan, I hear you saying, what can you bring to me that others can’t? Well I’m glad you asked, because I can bring that personal touch to any project you have in question; you need a bit more emphasis? I can do that. Want the relatability and the empathy to come out? You bet I can do that too.

You can find examples of some of my work at

You can also find me on LinkedIn at

You’re probably wondering what I charge my clients; well the good news for you is that my base rate is £100 / ph. However, if you are looking to book me in blocks or multiple hours, we can negotiate and come up with a price that is fair for all parties.

Notable clients that I have worked with are:

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