Shropshire Youth Support Trust Privacy Policy

Shropshire Youth Support Trust Privacy Policy
At Shropshire Youth Support Trust, we recognise that privacy and security is a major concern. We have therefore set out below the guidelines we use for protecting your personal information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and check it periodically since it may change from time to time.
Our Privacy Commitment
We are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We will only collect, store and use your personal information for specific purposes. We use your personal information to support you and enhance our relationship with you. We only share your personal information in accordance with the GDPR 2018 Legislation and other applicable laws. You may contact us at any time with any privacy questions or concerns and to see the personal information you have given us and request correction.
GDPR & Consent
Your use of the website, and any disclosure of personal information via the website signifies your consent to us collecting and using personal information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You will be required to click a button that signifies your understanding of this policy and your consent for us to hold your data for the reasons laid out in this Privacy Policy.
Information About You
When you register for information or to request services through we ask for information such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, and contact details. Shropshire Youth Support Trust then keeps a record of this information.
If you sign up for the email newsletter, we keep your name and email address on record to be used solely for this purpose alone.
We keep a record of any e-mail correspondence you send us, so we can track any problems or concerns you’ve had.
When a person becomes a member of Shropshire Youth Support Trust support network (ASYSTED Business) we will keep a record of their business and personal contact information, including email, telephone number and correspondence address so that we can keep them up to date with all the opportunities that the network has to offer.
If you would like to revise the information you have provided to us because you feel that what we currently have on record is incorrect, and/or you would like your information erased from our records, you can so do by contacting us in accordance with the information provided at ‘further information’ below.
Use of Your Personal Data
All the information we collect via the website or through correspondence (including telephone calls) with you is used to operate and improve the service we offer you and to personalise our service. We are committed to using your personal information only for:
1. Assessing the level of support needed by you so that the Shropshire Youth Support Trust can supply guidance, support and services to you and for client administration. We may also, where relevant, pass your information to SYST partners so that our partners may use the information in the same manner. Regarding SYST Partners we would normally discuss any possible referrals or passing of information to them, when possible, prior to doing so.
2. Technical administration of our website.
3. Providing you with information about the services we offer.
4. Letting you know about offers, services, events and news from Shropshire Youth Support Trust and from relevant partners and other third party organisations.
CAVEAT: If there is a legal requirement to provide your personal details, we will do so.
Data over the Internet
The internet is a global network, so it is possible for your data to travel internationally, which may include places outside the European Union. If you visit, download or input information on at, you’re agreeing and authorising us to process data in this way.
How We Protect Information
We take every precaution to protect your information. To this end all personal information stored by us is kept on a server in a secure environment.
Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) encryption technology is used for protection of information in transit.
Only employees, our partners and any third party service providers who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information.
You acknowledge that the Internet is not a 100% secure medium for communication and, accordingly, we cannot 100% guarantee the security of any information you send to us (or we send to you) via the Internet. We are not responsible for any damages which you, or others, may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information that has not been caused by our negligence.
Further Information
If you have questions about your personal data or our privacy policy, please contact us at or phone us on 01952 299214. To see all the information we have about you, and to correct any inaccuracies, please write to us at: Shropshire Youth Support Trust, Unit 1, Brodie House, Central Square, Telford Town Centre, Telford, TF 3 4DR.
How to Unsubscribe
If you no longer wish to receive any further email messages, post or other communications from us or you no longer wish to be contacted by other companies who you permitted us to provide your details to then please email us at and we will change your preferences immediately.
Our Partners’ Privacy Policies
Our partners are bound by the same legislation as us, and if they gather or keep your information, they must give you all relevant information about their policy, as well as giving you the opportunity to opt in or out of certain ways in which they might use that information. However, we are not responsible and do not warrant or guarantee that the privacy policies, of any partner, or any other companies that your personal information is passed to in accordance with this Privacy Policy, comply with data protection legislation. We are not responsible for any damages which you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information. When you place an order with any producer your personal details that you submit at registration must by necessity be forwarded along with the order, so you will need to verify their privacy policy directly with them if you wish.

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