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What is the Breakthru Programme?

Our Breakthru Programme is aimed at young people 16–30 years of age in Shropshire who are Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) or have a zero-hours contract or are in part-time employment and are in receipt of benefits (including PIP or UC).  

Through our Breakthru Programme there are 3 different ways that we support young people.

1. We identify passions, skills and aspirations and explore ways with young people to progress their careers.

2. We provide wellbeing support for young people. This includes resilience and confidence building through sessions with Lisa Avery who is a positive psychologist.

3. Supporting young people who are aspiring to create their own business, and we deliver this support through our ASYSTED Business Programme. This support can also include mentoring and financial support with running your own business. 

Start a business!

One aspect of Breakthru is our self-employment route-way. This part of the programme is designed for young people who want to start a business, which is called our ASYSTED Business programme.

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Wellbeing Support

Breakthru also has emotional resiliency and wellbeing support available. This is designed to help people in understanding how they can become the best possible version of themselves!

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Beneficiary Feedback

"Very good if you are unsure on the right career pathway."
"Get a better understanding on what actions you can take."
"Helped my vision my next steps easier."
"It was very helpful"
"I found the SWOT analysis very useful for many people who don’t know what it is."
"Good CV format."
"It was very helpful to learn about how to start a business"
"Getting to know more about CVs."
"Useful information for people who are trying to find a job."
"Was very informative and gave me a good insight"
"Very useful for getting you more ideas and inspiration"
The staff are amazing
"I found that it helped me to clearly understand my business idea"
"It helps with ideas for your idea or goals"
"I would recommend the workshop because it helped me to recognise that I’m not by myself, there are people in the same situation as me and the same people though cannot motivate themselves, motivate you to do what you want to do and give you lots of ideas around your career choices with no judgement."
"it was helpful with finding out more about using social media for job searching"
"It’s helpful if you want to start your own business"
"Got the creative juices flowing"
"Helping put thought and requirements on paper"
"Working out what would be needed to get to where I want to be"
"It was very helpful to talk through ideas"
"The information was quite useful"
"It focuses on issues I’ve seen lots of people experience."
"I would recommend it because it would be useful to someone who is just starting to job search and needs a CV and a plan."
"Yes, it helped me think of things I haven’t previously considered and made goals feel more reachable"

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