Here’s some lovely things people we have help have said about us…

Originally from Shropshire, he studied Graphic Communication at Bath School of Art and Design. He now lives back in Shropshire and works from his home studio. Sam said “Around the same time, I met Richard Nuttall who told me all about the Shropshire Youth Support Trust and the benefits of being an AsSYSTed business. I have been supported by Richard and SYST in my business development, including the provision of display space for my work and putting me in contact with an experienced Shropshire artist for professional advice. I am looking forward to the prospect of benefiting from having pop-up displays and demonstration set-ups at The British Ironwork Centre, thanks to SYST. I am thrilled to be afforded such opportunities.”

Sam Brett-Atkin - Artist

“Amazing charity that really helped change my LYF…

We have met life changing individuals through the help of Richard and the team and genuinely couldn’t be more fulfilled from there support.”

“SYST has been key to my journey so far. I came to SYST and approached Richard before I started my business and, with a lack of people to go to within the area, I found Richard enormously helpful; building relationships with the correct people is essential and Richard helped me connect with like-minded and well situated people within the area. I believe strongly in the ethos of SYST and I hope to see them grow to their full potential”

Alex Archibald, Founder of Lyfbar

Flatpack Furniture Ltd originally traded in 2014, and has now been taken over by Maisie, and is getting ready to open its virtual doors to customers once again by the end of 2016. Maisie has said “It is a very exciting time for us, but not one that was likely to ever happen without the help and support of SYST. SYST were able to provide us with the financial support and advice we needed to help us open an office (the heart and soul of our online company), giving us the space we needed to start the company back up again somewhere other than on my lap in the discomfort of my living room. I now have a functional space that is organised and getting ready to be filled with the results of our live business, something that was a huge barrier to me when I was trying to do this alone, from home, without their support. And as a new business owner with very limited experience of running an online business, SYST have provided unending support and advice with the set-up of Flatpack Furniture Ltd and on managing my own time and priorities when running a business, which I have no doubt will continue into us going live at the end of this year.

I am incredibly grateful for their support and without them, would not be in a position to provide the following information about what we at Flatpack Furniture Ltd will be bringing you from 2017 onwards!”

Maisie - Flatpack Furniture Ltd

Freelance beauty, fashion and editorial photographer Sally said “SYST have helped me to finally be able to afford my own studio space. They are also only an email or phone call away if I have any problems or need advice, which for a self-employed person is so rare! Normally you feel you are alone but Richard and the SYST team truly make you feel you are supported. They have also offered me a selection of clinics and workshops to push my career further and help me develop a more business mind. I look forward to what I can accomplish this year”

Sally Sparrow, Photographer

The Cosplay Forge sells a range of hard to find Cosplay materials from around the globe, and with the help of Showmasters are running interactive workshops to help people transition into Cosplay.
“We are hugely grateful for everything that SYST have done to support us on our journey so far and look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow our business”

The Cosplay Forge, Cosplay Retail

Gary is a Shropshire based artist working from his home studio. He mainly produces original figurative artworks and portraits.
“I met Richard Nuttall at a jobs fair in Shrewsbury where he told me about SYST and the benefits to me as an artist of being an ASYSTED business.  I have been supported by SYST in helping develop my business in a number of ways. I have attended lectures on marketing and received individual expert advise on how to reach customers. Thanks to SYST I now have a Business mentor from Good2Great. I have also been put in touch with The British Ironwork Centre who, as well as providing me with a space to display my work for a few days, also commissioned a large portrait of the actor Roger Moore as 007. I look forward to working with SYST in future and can heartily recommend them”

Gary W Matthews, Fine Art and Portrait Artist

Natural Switch was created to integrate natural ways of living into our daily lives. Their aim is to revolutionise the way we look at our health and environment as individuals.  They hope to pioneer the development of natural ways of living through the innovative design of the Natural Lifestyle program and products.
“Working with Richard and the team at SYST had been a consistent pleasure. They have helped me grow my business in ways I would have never thought possible and supported me when no one else could help.  An experience like no other”

Isaac Perren, Founder of Natural Switch

I have worked with the Shropshire Youth Support Trust for around 3 months during the launch of our Graphic and Product Design Business TheTinKan Ltd.

Although I have successfully run businesses in the past they been incredibly supportive with mentors and sessions that have really helped in giving clarity TK what I wanted to achieve.

If you are looking to start a new business and you fit the criteria then you will gain tremendous support here.

Nick Bourne - The TinKan Ltd

Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) were extremely helpful and supportive in the early days of setting up our business and that support has continued through our early stages. They have been a great resource for many small businesses across Shropshire particularly during these truly difficult times of shutdowns and Covid disruptions. We very much support the valuable work they do and wish them continued success in the future.

Mark Bradshaw - Sales Director for Pronounce Media Ltd

Fantastic organisation aimed at aiding todays youth by giving helpful advice and support. Brilliant idea and a great way to gain invaluable experience that will only benefit people in business in the future. Definitely an organisation I would recommend to get involved with.

Sean Brazier

I attended the marketing strategy workshop online.  There were only a few of us on the workshop so we were able to discuss our own businesses in detail and get pointed in the right direction.  The tutor was really encouraging and helpful.

Denise - Swim With Style
“SYST are an amazing charity which helped me through a tough part of my life.  Having been made redundant from my previous job they gave me a helping hand in improving myself and my business. They gave me confidence and an ear to talk to.
Although I never got through to applying for a grant to set myself up. The staff have been extremely helpful even after me starting my job. Each team member is lovely and the couple of training demonstrations that I attended were extremely insightful.”
Thanks again
Matthew Lainchbury

“SYST has helped us realise our zero waste package free shop. They have put is in touch with Buy from shropshire, who in turn helped us secure and start up in our first position in the centre of Shrewsbury, at the Darwin Shopping Centre. This has allowed us to minmize our initial costings, saving on solicitor costs and also benefitting off a lower initial rent, allowing us to re-invest our earnings back into the shop and building something quite special. Also through SYST we have had help from a qualified solicitor, and advice and support from passionate and local experts/businesses.”

Lillie & Sam - GREEN OPTIONS

“I found SYST when I was just struggling to keep on the right path with starting up and the team have helped me to focus hugely. With their help on the business plan template he has secured an investor to provide required start-up capital. The space SYST can offer it’s businesses have provided us with an affordable HQ and the contacts that the team has have provided us with links into business opportunities. I could not have done it without them! I look forward to working with them continuing into the future!”


“I worked with SYST in 2016 where I was assisted with my business plan and was put in touch with the great Mike Paul who assured me I was on the right track. SYST helped me build my business. Richard and the team at SYST are always on-hand with advice and support when I need it and thankful I found them”

Speaking of how Covid-19 has affected her business, Chloe said the following:

“Covid has made me think of my business in a very different way – now offering all my services online and running group programmes and courses which allow me to work with more businesses. It has been a very innovative time for myself and my clients, and I admire the resilience and creativity which 2020 has brought about”



“I first met the Shropshire Youth Support Trust in Autumn 2018 when my business was just an idea and since then I have attended so many different training courses, which as a business owner there is so many different things to learn so I have done Zoom classes with them in Lockdown and their free training support they offer is just phenomenal.

If you are a business owner and are looking for some additional training then I would definitely get in touch with them. They have always sent through information over the two years that I have been using them and I have made some great business contacts, learnt loads but there is still loads more to learn, so I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Thank you, Richard and thank you to all your team, it’s been brilliant.”

Caroline Bailey - Hunkington House Kitchen

My name Is Charlie Bueno and I do photography and the business name is called Charlie Bueno Photography.

Photography came really easy to me when I was studying in college and it was an idea to do something that I loved doing instead of your typical 9 – 5 job.

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust has helped me by giving me not only their support to the business but all the workshops they do from marketing and advertising to book-keeping and I get to use the space that they have given me. Units are quite expensive to hire out because of the long term lease on them but here I can do it on a daily basis or ad-hoc so it makes it more flexible for me and a lot more affordable.

I’ve not always been the most confident and going to the different workshops you get to meet all types of people and that just gives you more confidence to invest your time doing what it is you like.

The main thing they have helped me with is the marketing side of everything and by that I mean how to market not only websites or social media but to also how to do a leaflet properly and how to get word of mouth out there properly and how to get people to come back to you and just the support that they constantly give you and the feedback they give you on what you do.

I got four shoots coming up and that’s all by SYST, they have promoted me and recommended me to loads of people.

As long as you believe in yourself and some other people do like the Shropshire Youth Support Trust do then your set.

Charlie Bueno - Charlie Bueno Photography
I decided to start my own press on nail business during lockdown and I had a vague idea of how to take it to a certain level but I was guessing or basing it on my own mixed bag of research! That’s when I reached out to see if there was any local support to help guide me to bring it to fruition! I attended online workshops which were so helpful! Then I applied for a mentor to support me with the social media! SYST have helped me negotiate my way through an otherwise difficult process! I learned about regulations, tax, advertising, branding and more! Things that even if I researched them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the same level of knowledge! I highly recommend putting your trust in this wonderful charity! Thank you for all the help you have given me!
Pixie Greatorex - Nails by Pixie

Working with SYST to start my business has been a brilliant opportunity for me.

The workshops I’ve done have taught me a lot about the logistics of running a business, as well as keeping personally motivated on my business journey.

SYST were able to set me up with a mentor and through this, I’ve been given even more support that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

Alex Leighton - Threadway Embroidery

Hi! I’m Jordan, I’m 29 and I’ve been working with SYST since May 2021; I was referred to their
services by The Hive in Shrewsbury and for that I am mighty thankful as SYST have helped with
discovering the path I need to achieve my goal of a Voiceover Career and be financially stable.

Before I started working with SYST and even before them, The Hive, I was struggling with anxiety and
depression, on top of my existing disabilities of ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome; I had spent the last 9
years trying to find the right path to proceed with in life, I had gone from short-term job to
short-term job, never being given a true opportunity or being discarded without understanding my

Hell, my longest term of employment was 2 years (June 2017 – July 2019) and with that, I was
dismissed due to being accused of intimidation when I was simply doing my job as instructed in care
plans and since then, I gradually fell further into that pit of despair, and more so when COVID-19
became a factor and as a result, my own anxiety was amplified tenfold.

However, things improved from April 2021 when I was put in contact initially with The Hive, who
after a few sessions with them, put me in contact with SYST in May 2021. My first contact was with
Jason and Richard; I initially felt intimidated, but I was made to feel much more relaxed.

With time, further Zoom meetings, and then when comfortable to do so, in person meetings, I began
to open up with the SYST team and they have continued to help alleviate some of the anxiety caused
by current world events.

SYST have provided me support via Zoom meetings as previously discussed that, at the moment,
have transitioned into in-person meetings, workshops to help develop the skills needed to transition
into self-employment and begin the journey of starting a Youth Board within SYST to help existing
and new users of the services SYST has to offer.

Honestly, if you’re struggling to find the path you truly want, and you believe it’s working for yourself,
and with that, could really use some support getting to where you need, SYST will go above and
beyond to help you.

Jordan McCabe - Voice Over Artist

SYST was recommended to me by my self employment adviser at Shrewsbury job centre.

I acted on this advice, contacted SYST and was invited to enrol. The support and encouragement from the outset from Jason Fullwood was outstanding. I was presented with the ASYST programme of mentoring, tutoring and support to enable me to develop my business to the next level and build my self-confidence.

I undertook the programme which consisted of modules delivered by business executives, one to one mentoring, it is a unique opportunity to have access to such informed tutors and mentors.

I have found that the encouragement and consistent support that I have been given has helped me become empowered to develop and ‘grow’ my business. I feel empowered that I can support myself financially and build a future after the effects of ‘Lockdown’

Thank you to all at SYST for your continuing support.

Sally-Ann’s Professional Housekeeping Service
“I can’t describe how happy you guys made me. After a very tough times in my life, that was the Christmas miracle I needed. Thank you for believing in me, in my dreams. I promise to make the most from your support and make my dreams come true. Thanks again there are really no words to describe how happy I am.”
Eliz - Hair and Beauty

I just had a meeting with XXX, she is so enthusiastic about what you are helping her do! She has nothing but praise for you! Im really impressed with her Logo and her name. From the girl, I met 6 odd months ago who lacked direction and motivation to the girl she is now is so amazing! You really have helped to unlock her confidence and help her recognise her potential.

Just wanted to let you know you’re doing a fab job!!!


Work Coach |  Department for Work and Pensions  | Shrewsbury Jobcentre

I first heard about SYST through the Telford Growth Hub website which recommend SYST to any young people thinking of starting a business. I decided to do my own research and found the SYST website which was how I learnt more about what support SYST offers and how they can help me.

All the support which SYST has offered me has been incredibly valuable for me as a young adult and career trying to start my own business. I doubt I would have got this far with starting my own business without the core modules and support from all the staff at SYST.

All the core modules have been incredibly valuable and useful when starting my business. They have answered any questions I have had, cleared any doubts I may have had and given me the confidence I needed to start my business.

ASYST has definitely helped get my business started but they also offered support in my personal life. While I was starting my own business I also went through a large change in my personal life and ASYST offered their support during this time.

Jordan Stanley -The Manga Crate