Here’s some lovely things people we have help have said about us…

Originally from Shropshire, he studied Graphic Communication at Bath School of Art and Design. He now lives back in Shropshire and works from his home studio. Sam said “Around the same time, I met Richard Nuttall who told me all about the Shropshire Youth Support Trust and the benefits of being an AsSYSTed business. I have been supported by Richard and SYST in my business development, including the provision of display space for my work and putting me in contact with an experienced Shropshire artist for professional advice. I am looking forward to the prospect of benefiting from having pop-up displays and demonstration set-ups at The British Ironwork Centre, thanks to SYST. I am thrilled to be afforded such opportunities.”

Sam Brett-Atkin - Artist

Founded in November 2016 by George Hounsell, are a provider of Educational Programmes to Schools, Care Homes, Nurseries and More throughout the West Midlands.

George said “Throughout the journey, SYST have supported the organisation from supplying us with an office at their HQ at discounted prices and supporting us with behind the scenes work (i.e. Business support, clinics, advice and information etc). Everyone at The Little Sports Club would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything you do!

George - The Little Sports Club

Flatpack Furniture Ltd originally traded in 2014, and has now been taken over by Maisie, and is getting ready to open its virtual doors to customers once again by the end of 2016. Maisie has said “It is a very exciting time for us, but not one that was likely to ever happen without the help and support of SYST. SYST were able to provide us with the financial support and advice we needed to help us open an office (the heart and soul of our online company), giving us the space we needed to start the company back up again somewhere other than on my lap in the discomfort of my living room. I now have a functional space that is organised and getting ready to be filled with the results of our live business, something that was a huge barrier to me when I was trying to do this alone, from home, without their support. And as a new business owner with very limited experience of running an online business, SYST have provided unending support and advice with the set-up of Flatpack Furniture Ltd and on managing my own time and priorities when running a business, which I have no doubt will continue into us going live at the end of this year.

I am incredibly grateful for their support and without them, would not be in a position to provide the following information about what we at Flatpack Furniture Ltd will be bringing you from 2017 onwards!”

Maisie - Flatpack Furniture Ltd