The High Carrot

Hi im Hanna, a jeweller from Shropshire. when I was little my grandma would make little Swarovski crystal bracelets and give them to me and my cousins for Christmas and birthdays. During lockdown I taught myself how to make those bracelets. My passion for making jewellery grew from there, after many trials I have found some very high quality supplies that I started using to make friends and family small gifts. After seeing first hand how the product hasn’t tarnished after three years of wear, I can safely say I make high quality jewellery at a low cost.

I now operate a handmade jewellery, crafts and accessories business. The High Carrot offers handmade jewellery at a variety of costs and qualities to suit customers needs. The High Carrot offers high quality 24kt gold plated and freshwater pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets/anklets, and rings. The High Carrot provides lookalike jewellery of lesser quality materials (such as plastic pearls) to give customers a more affordable version of the high quality jewellery.

The High Carrot operates via stalls and stands at various events, online on websites like etsy, and through social media such as tiktok. Our target customers are people looking for high quality jewellery, aswell as people on lower incomes looking for cheaper, high quality looking jewellery, all jewellery can be made in smaller sizes to cater for children and/or parents too.

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