What we do

At Shropshire Youth Support Trust we provide a range of support services for young people in Shropshire that are between the ages of 16-30. Further information about the support that we provide can be discovered through our three core programmes below.


Re-Engage with SYST – A Telford & Wrekin only activity fuelled programme aimed at providing an opportunity for young NEETS (Not in employment, education, or training) to work towards a sustainable future for themselves. This is targeted towards 16-to18-year-old young people specifically born between the dates of 01/09/2004-31/08/2005 & 1/09/2005 – 31/08/2006 These activities can range from doing art, photography, filmography and dance to wellbeing, BMX riding, scuba diving and more!

Breakthru programme – Our Breakthru Programme is aimed at young people 16–30 years of age in Shropshire who are Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) or have a zero-hours contract or are in part-time employment and are in receipt of benefits (including PIP or UC). 

This programme encapsulates our ASYSTED Business programme with additional employment support and tailored wellbeing support.

ASYSTED Business Programme – This is our core programme, which helps people aged 16-30 with the fundamental skills to start and run their own business. Anyone looking to be their own boss or has an idea that they would like to turn into a business can learn how to get started in a sustainable way to give the best chance of success. We also have wellbeing workshops that aim to help with mindfulness and emotional resiliency.

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