Fluff N Buff

Fluff ‘n’ Buff is a professional dog grooming business for all different   breeds and sizes of dogs. I offer the following services;

  • Full groom (Bath, Dry, Full body styling, Nail trim, Shape face, Ear clean)
  • Tidy trim (Bath, Dry, Scissor trim where needed, Ear Clean, Nail trim)
  • Bath & Dry (Perfect for inbetween grooms)
  • Nail trim
  • Puppy Groom (from 3-6 months) (A introduction groom for puppies, includes bath, dry, brush, ear clean, nail clip and any trimming that may be needed)
  • Deshed (Deshed of coat, Bath, Dry, Nail trim)
  • Paw Balm (Paw balm will moisturise cracked or dry paws)
  • Dematting (Additional ontop of tidy trim or full groom)
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