Cricut Creations By Abbs

Hey, I’m Abbey. I am the owner of Cricut Creations By Abbs. This is a new business created by me, where i will be posting content regarding the things i sell.

About me: Im currently 18 years old, engaged to my handsome partner, a carer for my mum and a sister to many siblings. I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and as a result quit my job as it was too much pressure to go out, this is why i’m doing this to be able to create lovely things from the comfort of my own home.

I have loved arts and crafts for a very long time, and lost touch with that side of me for a while up until now. I love making people smile and care an awful lot about others happiness.

Personalised gifts and items are a really special way of showing someone you love them, giving them something that you know they’ll love whether it’s a character they love or just a special message.

I will be making an array of items such as glasses, mugs, cold cups, t-shirts etc. Wedding decor/ gifts.
Baby items. Seasonal items.
Love, Abbey

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