VM Therapy

When I got into a relationship, I stopped training for some years as you know you get comfortable, or time becomes more restricted.

I decided to start training again that’s when I had an injury. I self-diagnosed it as piriformis which is an abductor muscle group that shifts the body weight to the opposite side to prevent one side from falling. It’s also involved in turning your leg and foot outwards.

The Pain I got from this injury was lower back pain from sitting and then standing up and sciatica shooting down one side, this led me to do various tests to rule out other things such as a herniated disk or bulged disc. I started to treat the area and areas around with a combination of stretches and massage techniques with success.

After experiencing that pain and the solution of fixing it I decided to go and study a massage course. While doing the course I thought about the jobs I had worked in some of which were physically demanding and how non of them had a care plan like this even though there was staff off due to physical injuries.

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