Re-Engage with SYST

What is our NEETs Re-Engagement Programme?

A Telford & Wrekin only activity fuelled programme aimed at providing an opportunity for young NEETS (Not in employment, education, or training) to work towards a sustainable future for themselves. This is targeted towards 16-to18-year-old young people specifically born between the dates of 01/09/2004-31/08/2005 & 1/09/2005 – 31/08/2006 These activities can range from doing art, photography, filmography and dance to wellbeing, BMX riding, scuba diving and more

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So far we have had some incredible feedback in response to our ability to help and successfully engage with the hard to reach community of young people.

So if this sounds like something you are inspired by and want to know more then get in touch with us at or call us on 01952 299214

Some of the feedback we have received so far:

"Helpful, motivational, fun and surprising! Opened up about something, and talked about confidence and jobs. Getting to know what it’s going to be about."
"I think the session went well, we spoke about what I want to be like in a year and how it would be different to now."
"Enjoyed, exciting, energetic, motivational and learnt a new skill."
"I really enjoyed it and came away learning lots of new things and am looking forward to the open water session."
"I found it helpful."
"It’s really fun, liked the experience of coding."
"I feel more confident and tried something new."
"I enjoyed everything the instructor was brilliant and everyone was friendly and chatty. The facilities were also great."
"Clarity, I enjoyed the flow."
"I learnt new skills on the machine as well as capabilities of the machine."
"I loved it, so excited and getting clients quick."
"I learnt that no matter what happens in life that there is always going to be good things and bad things that will happen in life."
"I turned up every time, not given up, tried something new and find it a good distraction."
"It was fine, answered a lot of questions about myself and got a chance to draw. I enjoyed it."
"Going out in the sun and drawing, I don’t know what I achieved I was just drawing in public."
"Managing to sell a product I made, painted a trial product. And I’m enjoying feeling confident with people buying my work."
"Was great and would like to do more."
"The session was constructive, I can see how the project is building, I've leant how to tie off, burying ends and sewing machine maintenance"
"I achieved learning more stuff and talked about photography and designed an A4 poster for an event."
"It was great and fun."
"It went really really well, went smooth and felt like it went so quick as i enjoyed it so much. I learnt how to do portraits, lighting, angles and headshots."
"I enjoyed making a video and enjoyed every bit of it and learned how to edit."
"Taking more photos and messing around with the editing. I really like how I’ve done it."
"Succeeded in completing a task where I needed to create/animate something random."
"I found it really good, I want to do more sessions and learnt a lot with the camera."
"It was good to speak to someone on the same wavelength."
"Learned how to put quilting together. Learnt the wadding and the different types."
"The session was productive, I learned how to put binding onto quilting and to slip stitch."
"I feel like the session went well because it helped me structure , I have a list of what I have to do next."

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