Volunteer with SYST

Volunteer with SYST

One thing SYST prides ourselves on is having a fantastic working relationship with all our volunteers. We have an array of mentors who have contributed their time to work with our beneficiaries and help them achieve goals and succeed. Here are a couple of nice things that have been said by our coaches:

“I have enjoyed working as a mentor for SYST, it is very fulfilling to help share my marketing expertise and watch young people grow and develop the confidence to grow their businesses.” – Kim Gilmour

“I have been involved with SYST for a few years now. It is so positive to be able to help and pass on knowledge to young people to enhance and progress their fledgling businesses or assist them in their thinking for their future career development.” – Vince Craig

“I have been volunteering for SYST as a business mentor for almost a year now and I honestly couldn’t be prouder to work with such a fantastic charity. Having grown up in Shropshire, it means the world to be able to help SYST in supporting our younger generation with being more confident, empowered and self-aware in both life and business. Every member of staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with has been nothing but helpful and kind and the young people that I get to help and support are equally wonderful. I look forward to continuing to support SYST and thank them for the opportunity to be a part of the positive wave of impact they are having in our local area amongst our youth.” – Alex McCarthy

“Volunteering with SYST has been a hugely enriching experience for me. It has given me the opportunity to work with a vast array of amazing young people, and help them find a little clarity, courage and confidence to take a step out of their comfort zone and grow into their true potential. It’s been a real pleasure to see how people begin to believe in themselves, articulate an exciting future vision, and then take their first tentative steps forward. It’s heart-warming to connect with people in this way, and a real pleasure to do so alongside true professionals like those at SYST. For these people, their work is a vocation (and believe me, it really shows). I would highly recommend getting involved with SYST.” – Lisa Avery

“I have really enjoyed volunteering for Shropshire Youth Support Trust, it has allowed me to see lots of individuals and businesses at the start of their journey and help them on the right path. It is also brilliant to see those individuals and businesses grow and to become successful. Volunteering means giving up my time to help others, but my time and the support that I can provide is greatly appreciated by them and it is very rewarding. I would recommend anyone to volunteer and give their time for a cause that they believe in.” – Ryan Bickham

Thank you to all our mentors and if you would like to become one of our volunteers then please get in touch using the information below:
T: 01952 299214 | E: hello@systbusiness.co.uk

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