ASYST Space – Telford

Our SYST Enterprise Centre is central to our operations and serves as a hub for people to create opportunities and provide support by helping them grow and gain employment.

The SYST Enterprise Centre is a building with a desirable postcode easily accessible by car, train or bus.

Located in Telford Town Centre, we have 5 Unit spaces available for use. We offer a versatile range of multi-purpose offices & units that can suit most business types. From accountants to industrial printers or marketeer to engineer, we have the space for you. Whether you are sole trader or have a workforce we have appropriately sized offices & units to suit your needs. Feel free to come and look around the Enterprise Centre to further understand how the space can work for your business.

For a breakdown of what is included please take a look at our MEMBERSHIPS page.

Units available:

Unit 1:

Unit 2:

Unit 4:

Unit 5:

Unit 9:

Unit 14:



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