The Cosplay Forge

Around the world there are conventions. Conventions are a way of allowing a gathering of likeminded individuals into a singular location to allow them to share information directly to each other in an atmosphere designed to appeal to that particular group. The specific type of convention we cater to is the “Comic book convention” or “Comicon” for short. Comicons are highly unique in comparison to other conventions as they actively encourage people to express their particular fandoms through the emulation of their particular interest. This is done by Costume Play or “Cosplay.” Cosplay is usually accepted as the process of making your own costume through various means and wearing it to Comicons.

In the last few year costumes have become remarkably more advanced due to the range of sophisticated materials now available to hobbyists around the world such as thermoplastics, high density foams, flexible paints and silicone for casting and mask making. What was lacking was their cost-effective availability within the UK and a dedicated platform hobbyist could use to acquire these materials. So, we decided to see if it would be feasible to bring these materials into a single location that was easy to access.

The Cosplay Forge was founded on the 2016 by Mr Steven Gosling and Miss Carla Bell.

Telephone: 07552 216477


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