Drum lessons for beginner to advanced drummers. One to one tuition with aspiring drummers in person and on zoom!!!

I have a very diverse career in music, starting out when I was 11 years old playing the saxophone and played in an orchestra with school bands, later moving on to private education (Chetham’s School of Music), where I learnt saxophone and piano, later progressing onto learning the drums, which is where I learnt that I had a passion for drumming. I started playing seriously when I was 19 Years Old. Three years into drumming I decided to get insight from different people who had mastered their skills in each department. The first one I started with was physical hand technique, I wanted to know how I could play extremely fast and dynamic without struggling and I found out about the technical wizard Ramon Montagner. I had technique lessons from Ramon to master the art of speed procession and technique. Thereafter I had met gospel drummer Jay Rod Sullivan – a master of playing creative and cool chops (cool drum fills). I had a passion for progression metal and odd time music and I met Matt Garstka and had drum lessons from him, The feedback I received from Matt was that he gave me a month’s worth of material to learn and he said “I’ve never known anyone get through this so fast and that I was the learning this faster than any student” which is where developed my counting technique based off his own method of counting. My counting technique is based off Indian chronicle counting technique makes even the most difficult time signatures/accent patterns easy to traverse and improvise around and also gives you the ability to use metric modulation (a technique that strikes fear not the hearts of many musicians, but not any more!).

Because of my unique background in music and that it was so diverse, I have a unique blend in knowledge and techniques (both physically and counting techniques) for a very creative approach to drums. I think of melody alongside the numbers when I play and I can physically see the binary numeric appearing when I hear music. This becomes like speaking with emotion directly.

I have experience in teaching people my unique numbers concept (above) and have witnessed that people can take it on board and place into practice straight away.

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