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After working in America with disabled children and adults at an outdoor adventure camp, Kyle Worrall syst16-62realised what the disabled community could accomplish with the right support system and environment. When he came back to England and created Inclusive Leisure, his goal being to provide more opportunities for the disabled community to become more active. Kyle said “I had a lot of experience within the leisure industry but non whatsoever in business. I struggled to keep my passion alive for the project while balancing the business side of things, I felt overwhelmed and lost direction. SYST helped me focus on one thing at a time, and helped me structure my business in a way that I could handle. I have met a lot of entrepreneurs through SYST and it is like a little family, everyone is very supportive and willing to help. Working with SYST has helped me keep focused and Inclusive Leisure has benefited greatly from all the help.”

About Inclusive Leisure

  • Do you want to create more opportunities for the disabled community?
  • Do you want to promote inclusion and integration rather than segregation?
  • Could you use physical activity to help with this?

Hi, my name is Kyle, I run a not for profit leisure club providing services for the disabled and challenging behaviours/health needs of all ages. I currently provide the service across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and work peripatetically. I’m supporting people in their homes, in gyms and I am in the process of setting up in schools and colleges.

The aim is to help disabled people of all ages explore new activities, sport and get active together!

Within the service I will offer varies activities ranging from fitness classes, team building activities, sports and creative games to help individuals realise their own potential and understand the importance of health. Each individual will have their own goals/target programme that will be reviewed regularly and progress will be celebrated. Or activities can be performed as a group to encourage team work, social interaction, trust, confidence and self esteem. By the end of the programme all individuals will receive a Certificate detailing the outcomes that they have achieved.

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