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SYST Youth Ambassadors

Our Youth Ambassadors at SYST work towards understanding the key issues that are affecting young people.

The purpose of their work is to raise any concerns that are affecting young people and to discuss barriers that young people face, emphasising youth voice.

SYST are keen to project the voices of young people aged 16-30. Our Youth Ambassadors meet regularly to discuss any issues and concerns affecting young people and how best to implement and improve our support services in response to them. This involves recognising any neglected concerns affecting people we support, with a particular focus on ensuring youth voice is heard. 

Having Youth Ambassadors means SYST can listen directly to the people it supports, and how best to adapt their support services going forward. The youth board also allows members to form a strong rapport with each other, hearing each other’s views and the complex needs/barriers that each other face. These range from long-term mental health problems, ethnic minority backgrounds to unemployment.

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