Nicolette Nichols


Nicolette has worked in property and project management for several years at a number of organisations including Lloyds Banking Group.

She played a major role in the set up of the 639 Enterprise Centre in Tottenham, established in partnership with The London Youth Support Trust (LYST) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to address underemployment within the Borough of Haringey after the 2011 riots.

She managed this Centre working with the small businesses, before moving on to set up and build several other Centres across London to support young businesses. After this she progressed to setting up Centres outside of London including the Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST), the Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST) and the Kent Youth Support Trust (KYST) of which she is a Trustee.

“Business support comes in many different forms; it is essential we adapt to the ever-changing environment.  Young people need guidance more than ever to understand how they can develop their ideas into a sustainable business.  I strongly believe that this is important but it is also essential we build relationships within communities that can also assist anyone that seeks support we are unable to provide”

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