The Positive Psychologist

The Positive Psychologist LTD is a training and coaching consultancy which specialises in the science of optimal human functioning – positive psychology. They work with clients in Education, Government, the NHS, charities, and the corporate world. They also offer bespoke coaching and training packages to individuals. Their mission is to enlighten, enliven and empower humans to exponential levels of happiness, meaning and success. They do this by breaking down the research, catalysing conversations and helping clients come up with creative ways to positive change.

Their interventions range from individual workshops to twelve- week programs and can be customised to powerfully meet the needs of the client. Their signature training program is an eight-hour program, delivered over the course of a month. They ask and answer four core questions to increase strengths-usage, self-confidence, emotional agility, resilience, and wellbeing.

The four questions are:

  1. Who am I at me best?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. How am I going to get there?
  4. What are some quick wins along the way?

The company was founded by Lisa Avery, a positive psychologist. She holds a master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She prides herself on engaging her clients through passion, energy, and warmth.

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