Propel Your Career

Propel Your Career primarily work with people aged between 16 and 30 and in their early working lives.


We offer three key support services – for those who are new to work, for those looking to step up in their career and for those wanting or needing a new job or career direction.

New2Work: Our carefully designed career guidance and skills training programme is specific to those who are New2Work, with tailored support for their managers.

Stepping Up: A personalised and blended package of career coaching, career mapping and personal development planning ideal for those needing the tools and focus to take their careers to the next level.
New Direction: For those looking for their next career move after apprenticeship, redundancy or because they want to change careers.


We partner with organisations to offer an exceptional foundation and experience to their younger candidates and employees. This means employers can attract, retain and develop talent, whilst reaping the benefits from the different skills and perspective they bring and the contribution they make to an organisations future.


We also provide support direct to individuals, third sector organisations and education providers.

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