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British Ironworks Centre

The British Ironwork Centre is a family company long dedicated to, and passionate about the preservation and creation of quality metal work, in all its forms.
This wonderfully diverse resource is the backbone of their business and one that both the family and company have spent generations painstakingly creating, collecting, researching and reproducing.

Among their stunning and varied collection of metalwork, you will find beautifully decorative items, both large and small, for the home and garden. Some of their collections are faithful reproductions of beautiful ironwork no longer seen today, whilst many are new improved items for the home, as glamourous and individual as their originals, but with contemporary twists.

As well as this the centre is home to a splendid collection of magnificent animal sculptures from the majestic Silver Back Gorilla, to an adorable assortment of Farmyard animals – there really is something for everyone.

The indoor show areas allow you to escape into a treasure trove of must-have trinkets and interior adornments, whilst the outdoor area is abundant with architectural structures and sculptures that must be seen to be believed.