Super charge your business with amazing social media, optimised websites and award winning press releases - SYST Business

Super charge your business with amazing social media, optimised websites and award winning press releases

Super charge your business with amazing social media, optimised websites and award winning press releases

*A programme of 8, 1 hour workshops, starting on the 1st Feb @ 9.30am*

Are you an SME looking to grow?

Not sure which is the best path for you to take at this stage of your business?

  • Make your marketing and social media fabulous with digital expert Hollie Whittles from FraggleWorks
  • Understand the latest updates from Google adverts and website traffic tips for website optimisation with Helen Culshaw from Ascendancy Internet Marketing
  • Blogging, – create award winning press releases with PR guru Kirsty Smallman from J&PR
  • How to get the best out of brand photography and images with Rosalie Arran from “With Rosalie” Brand Photography
  • Join a panel discussion with some of our business experts plus live Q&A and business networking

Who’s it for?

Shropshire business owners and managers, Entrepreneurs, SMEs both Business2Business, Business2Consumer, not for profits and charities.

How to get amazing results with a clear Marketing Strategy – 1st Feb

This webinar, Hollie will help you to define your ideal client and how creating a marketing strategy will help drive your business!

  • Market research and how to do a SWOT Analysis
  • Identifying your USP
  • How to identify your Ideal Client
  • Creating your marketing strategy
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Marketing Tools and Apps to help you

How to run a profitable Google Ads campaign – 8th Feb

Google made close to 150 billion US dollars last year from Google Ads – so we know the product works well for them! But how well does it work for your business?

Most businesses that run Google Ads are doing it themselves with little or no prior knowledge of the product, so it’s little surprise that many of them report having wasted a lot of time and money, putting them off from advertising online again in the future.

But – there are also many businesses that run highly successful advertising campaigns on Google, making a healthy return on investment and, in many cases, using it as the main driver of their business growth.

In this session, Helen will be sharing her top tips for Google Ads success, to help you avoid the common pitfalls and learn how to build a profitable campaign.

Shouting about your business through the power of PR – 15th Feb

This webinar, Kirsty will show you how to get the media coverage you deserve for your business and why the media needs you and how the media should be your post-pandemic business friend!

  • Why should I write a press release?
  • Where should I send it and when?
  • What do I include in the press release?
  • How can I plan my PR?

Social Media Strategy in a digital world – 22nd Feb

This webinar with Hollie will give you an overview of the social platforms you could be on and cover how to create a strategy that works!

  • Which social media channels should you be on?
  • How to create your Social Media Strategy
  • How to create your Social Media Calendar
  • Overview of Tools to help you
  • How to create good images and videos

Growing your website traffic through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – 1st March

Search engine optimisation can be a powerful tool to grow your business – potentially bringing a lot of traffic to your website for free! But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not as simple as just building a website and ‘sticking a few keywords in some tags’.

In this session Helen will talk about the different factors that influence search engine success in 2021.

Blogging and website content – where, when and how! – 7th March

Content, content, content –

  • When did you last edit the content on your website?
  • When did you last write and upload a blog or case study?
  • When did you last send an e-shot out?
  • What should I include in a blog and why?
  • What is a case study and how do I draft one?
  • My website is the same as it was five years ago – how can I change it?

If you can never think of content ideas – let Kirsty help.

What is Brand Photography and what it can do for you? – 15th March

  • Personal Brand Photography is the art of using high quality images to tell the story of you and your business.
  • Strong visuals, will market you and your business as well as the products and services you offer.
  • The correct photographs will create a positive perception of you and your business. They will let your ideal clients come to know and feel a connection with you, positioning you as the expert in your field.

Ask the expert panel session with Helen, Kirsty and Hollie – 22nd March

Join our business experts Hollie Whittles, Helen Culshaw and Kirsty Smallman for a panel discussion on top tips for super-charging your business and a recap of the learnings from the masterclasses. Plus, a live Q&A with the panel and the opportunity to network with other local businesses.



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