SYST welcome new ambassador, Gareth JL Williams DL FSA

SYST welcome new ambassador, Gareth JL Williams DL FSA

In a world where youth empowerment and support are crucial for shaping the leaders of tomorrow, the appointment of Gareth JL Williams DL FSA as a volunteer ambassador for the Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) marks a significant stride towards nurturing young talent and fostering entrepreneurship. 

Williams, who’s day job is Curator and Head of Learning at Weston Park, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the cause. His recent statement underscores his enthusiasm for the role, reflecting on his positive first encounter with SYST during the recent Shropshire Youth Support Trust Awards & Celebration event. “I was delighted to attend the event earlier this year, which was my first introduction to the charity and its phenomenal work in inspiring and supporting young people as they progress in finding their feet as young entrepreneurs,” Williams expressed.

SYST’s mission resonates with Williams, who recognises the pivotal role of mentorship and support in shaping the future of young individuals in Shropshire. “Shropshire – including Telford & Wrekin – is incredibly fortunate in having this charity to help young people in building their business confidence and acumen to take them on paths that they might not have considered, building resilience and life-skills,” Williams remarked.

As an ambassador for SYST, Williams will raise awareness and support for the charity’s initiatives. His advocacy for SYST is rooted in the belief that every young person deserves access to opportunities for personal and professional growth. “I’m thrilled to act as an ambassador for SYST and would encourage others to learn more about the charity and what they might be able to support in its aims in giving opportunities to young people for the achievement of life and business success,” Williams affirmed.

Pictured, Gareth JL Williams DL FSA alongside a Trustee of SYST, Jon Gidney.

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