Shropshire Youth Support Trust host celebration event at the Flaxmill in Shrewsbury

Shropshire Youth Support Trust host celebration event at the Flaxmill in Shrewsbury

Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) recently hosted a highly successful event at the Flaxmill in Shrewsbury, which celebrated the charity’s achievements over the past year and outlined its plans for the future. 

The event was held in the Turned Wood Cafe and attracted over 50 guests, including local people, businesses, SYST staff, and volunteers.

The highlight of the event was the presence of the High Sheriff of Shropshire, Selina Graham, who spoke about the importance of volunteers in Shropshire and the positive impact they have on young people in the county. Ms. Graham’s remarks were particularly relevant to SYST, which relies on the dedication and generosity of volunteers to carry out its mission of supporting young people.

Other notable speakers at the event included Robert Bland, the Chairman at SYST, and the CEO, Richard Nuttall. Mr. Nuttall spoke about his own personal story and how it fuelled his passion for supporting young people. He also spoke to one of SYST’s beneficiaries, Lewis Jenkins, who shared his thoughts about how the work of SYST has had a positive impact on his life and career. 

Mike Paul, a trustee, also spoke about the ASYSTed business programme, which he runs, and how it is helping young people to succeed in the business world.

Jon Gidney, a trustee at SYST and a marketing consultant, also addressed the guests, outlining how he became involved with the charity and explaining the organisation’s objectives moving forward. Mr. Gidney emphasised the importance of raising awareness of the great work that SYST does and encouraging individuals and businesses to get involved in supporting its mission.

The event was a tremendous success, not only in terms of the number of guests who attended but also in terms of the positive impact it had on the community. By bringing together local people, businesses, and SYST staff and volunteers, the event served to strengthen the bonds between these groups and to demonstrate the importance of working together to support young people in Shropshire.

SYST is making a real difference in the lives of young people in Shropshire, and the success of this event serves as a reminder of the vital role that volunteers and community organisations play in creating a brighter future for us all.

Pictured, Richard Nuttall, CEO of SYST and Robert Bland, Chairman, welcoming the guests

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