Queen Consort Visits Telford

Queen Consort Visits Telford

We are hugely proud of our Shropshire Youth Support Trust team today, as we were presented to HRH the Queen Consort on her visit to Telford.

The whole event was fabulous and seeing *such* incredible organisations made us realise that we live in a very special corner of the country indeed.

Thanks to our CEO RICHARD NUTTALL, MA, Felicity Wingrove and Robert Bland for representing SYST at this event, also Rhian and Lewis, who are ASYSTED businesses. Also thank you to Angie Astley, David Sidaway, Shaun Davies and the Council team for a flawless event.

It was wonderful too to see Selina Graham our fabulous High Sheriff, and Lauren Tye, a much-loved former Zen Communications Ltd alumni.

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