Podcasting Opportunity

Get Started in Podcasting!
During a time when 1:1 communication just isn’t going to be the same for a while, are you considering other ways to connect with your followers, tribe, customers, stakeholders or beneficiaries?
• Do you want to have a go at podcasting but have no idea where to start?
• Do you find the TON of information out there just a little overwhelming?
• Do you want someone to cut through the waffle and get you podcast ready?

Is that a yes, yes, YES?
Podcasts are growing in popularity and rapidly. More and more brands are using podcasts as part of their marketing strategy including big names such as eBay, Gucci, McDonald’s and Microsoft. They’re personable and direct – so how can you make sure that you’re not left behind?
In this workshop, podcast producer and MIC Media boss Vic Elizabeth Turnbull will help you to turn your podcast dreams into actual, actionable reality!
Over 3 hours and delivered without jargon you’ll,
• Develop your podcast idea
• Understand how podcasts can be used for different purposes in your business
• Learn how to ‘get it out there’ and published on all the big platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify
• Get the know-how about recording, including equipment
• Discover what you need to edit your podcast and make it sound great!
• Get some hints and tips about how to get your podcast listeners and how to build a community around your podcast too!
Who’s it for?
Anyone who has an inclination to have a podcast for themselves or their company! On previous workshops, we’ve had a range of people including marketing coordinators, PR bosses, CEO’s, Directors and interns!
As a social enterprise, we also specialise in working with social impact organisations too.

Date: Tuesday 25 January
Time: 10:00 – 13:00
Access code: POD2501

Registration Link

Originally published by UNLTD