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Plea From a Local Doctor

Plea From a Local Doctor

Dr Tyrone Lightbody has asked us to share his words to encourage everyone to get a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as they are offered one especially those from ethnic minority communities.

Plea From a Local Doctor

“Hi, I’m Tyrone. I’m one of the acute medical consultants working at Telford and Shrewsbury hospitals. I have been caring for Covid-19 patients for around a year now and I do my best to treat them, so they can safely go home again as soon as possible.

I am writing this to raise awareness and there are two things I’d like to say:

Firstly, there has been a dramatic drop in COVID admissions for the older groups, the vaccinations are working, which is fantastic news. However, we are seeing too many patients coming in still, people who have caught COVID from a friend or relative with no symptoms.

These are people who think they’d be fine if they caught COVID and they’re not. We are seeing people hospitalised, who turned down the vaccination because they believed misinformation they’d seen on the Internet about it or a friend or family member had warned them against it.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing who can pass it on to some who might be severely affected by the virus. It’s not usually strangers in the street that pass it on, for the most part it’s loved ones having close contact indoors. These are the people you’d least expect to cause you harm.

🙏🏽 I want to urge you all to PLEASE GET A VACCINATION when you’re offered one.

Vaccinations are preventing almost all hospitalisations and deaths amongst those vaccinated, it’s that simple. Please don’t be the next person I treat who ruefully tells me they wish they’d had the vaccination. It’s often too late for these people.

Secondly, I want to speak to the BAME community from my heart as a member of this community myself. In all my understanding and experience, please trust these vaccines.

‼️ Can the vaccine give you COVID? No way!

‼️ Will it offer you and your loved ones protection? Yes!

‼️ Did I get the vaccination? Yes I did, to protect my patients and my family.

‼️ Would I encourage my parents to have it? Absolutely!

My father was dubious, actually he was resolute that he wouldn’t get it. He’s a strong Jamaican man with an inquiring and sceptical mind. When he talked to me about theories he had heard and seen online they disintegrated once he heard the truth. It shocked me how tenuous and easily disproved they were and yet how entrenched this misinformation is in so many people’s mindsets.

We need to protect ourselves and our communities and encourage each other to take the vaccine, take back control over this virus.

We can and are beating this, but we all need to play our part together. The whole nation has been on hold for almost a year now and it’s in our hands, to move beyond this.’

Vaccines are no good if people don’t take them. Please do. My team and I will keep going to work and doing the job we love and we need you to do what you can too to end this for all of us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and in the kindest way possible, I hope to never see you at my place of work because of Covid-19 ❤️”

Originally published by Telford Newsroom