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Community News round up

Welcome to the Community Services bulletin. This week:

  • Donate your old laptop to help local children.
  • Carers Winter Wellbeing Guide
  • Spot light on…
  • Hints and tips for grant funding
  • Autism Awareness Training
  • Have your say… on Social Care.

We are always happy to feature articles from across the community. If you would like to send us information about your event or other community related news then please get in touch at [email protected].

Do you have an old laptop that you no longer need? 💻

If yes, why not donate it to help support a child’s online learning


In the next two weeks, we are asking for donations of laptops in good condition, that we will collect & trade-in to buy new laptops to help children in our borough who don’t have their own computer at home for online learning.

☑️ Our Council has already provided 300+ laptops through the “Laptops for Learning” scheme – but more devices are needed, as during this lockdown, more children in our borough struggle to learn from home.

If you wish to donate, please note the following:

Laptops condition

☑️ The laptop(s) you are donating should be in good condition, with no damage to keys or casing and with a power supply.

☑️ Please delete any personal data (e.g. documents, photos) from the laptop(s) donated.

Pick-up: to avoid non-essential journey, we will pick up your donated devices from your home or business address in our borough.

To arrange the collection, go to https://bit.ly/35RkDqQ

👉 Pick a convenient slot (either morning or afternoon) when you would like us to come and collect your device(s)

🛍️ Ensure your donated device(s) is inside a plastic bag ( to protect from weather conditions), with a label stating ‘For collection by TWC’.

🏠 The bag needs to be placed on your doorstep ready for collection (from 8.30am, for AM pickup slot and from 12.30pm, for PM pickup slot)

🤔 Should you have any issues/ concerns around your collection slot or if you want to change/cancel it after your booking, please email [email protected]

We are accepting only laptops for donations (and not other devices such as ipads, tablets) as we can only trade-in laptops for brand new devices that will be given to children who need them.


Carer’s Winter Wellbeing Guide Launch – Its here!

carers guide

We are pleased to launch the Carer’s Winter Wellbeing Guide 2020-2021.

We recognise the vital role Carers play in looking after loved ones and the impact of their own wellbeing. We hope this booklet will offer a one-stop guide to information, advice, guidance and contacts to support Carers through the winter period.

You can find the guide here:

Carer’s winter wellbeing guide – Carer’s winter wellbeing guide – Telford & Wrekin Council

Spot light on…

Telford and Wrekin Interfaith Council!


Who we are  formed in 2019, chaired by Cllr Rajash Mehta, a group of volunteers with the aim to keep the “UNITY” in community. Encouraging & maintaining conversation and co-operation between all Faith and Cultural groups, currently 15 different communities . Focusing within the community ‘We Serve, We Support, We Care’

Recently we  – are proud to have supported the Borough by:

Providing 92,489 meals 🍲

40,000 pieces of fruit🍌🍎

6841 adults & children fed👶🧑

6000 volunteer hours

Christmas we brought smiles & Christmas spirit to many towns as Santa visited local areas with our very own Santa’s helper!

What’s coming next  – We are awaiting approval of out Charity Commission registration.

We will be also continuing to supply Breakfast provisions until at least Easter, thanks to the support of local people, additional grants , many organisations & Telford & Wrekin Council.

TWIC will also be providing a new program, which will deliver Equality and Diversity training across the Public, Educational, Charitable/Not for Profit, and Business Sectors helping to ensure that Telford and Wrekin become a “Gold Standard” for Equality and Diversity within the UK (and beyond).

The challenges we have – Always looking for funding & volunteers to join the family . As we are fairly new – spreading awareness that we are here to help & support. Gaining trust with public so that when they need us they know we are here to help

We can be found/contacted  – We are based from Leegate Community Centre, Leegomery & Arleston Community Centre, Arleston, the heart of the TWIC – the volunteers, support every Saturday ensuring those who require help receive it.

Twitter: @interfaithtelf1

Facebook: Telford Interfaith

Text: 07545 023519

Email: [email protected]

Hints and tips when applying for grant funding

Our factsheet can help…


Most organisations apply for grants as a way to help run their projects.

Grant sizes vary from the very small (around £200) up to big grants of well over £100,000. Grant giving bodies receive many more applications than they are able to fund so it is important that your grant is well thought out and stands out from the crowd.

We have prepared a fact sheet to help you consider the things you will need to take account of when applying for grant funding.

More information on grants and funding

Autism Awareness Training


Have your say – What would a better Social Care future look like for you?

We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us.

For everyone, these are really important things in life. They make us who we are, give our lives meaning and make us happy. But for many, who need some support from social care, we have had to fight for support and often that support has meant losing some of these important things from our lives.

But we know social care can be different. So we (a group of people with lived experience of social care) are leading an inquiry into social care, looking at how the vision above can become reality for everyone, whether we need social care or not.

But we need to hear from YOU!

Whether you receive social care, care for a loved one, don’t qualify for support, work in social care or are someone who cares about this- your opinion and ideas are important and will help inform the findings of the inquiry.

We are offering many ways to tell us what you think, so hopefully there will be a way that works for you:

  • You can fill in a short survey here
  • There is an easier read version here
  • You can join a zoom session and tell Donna and Julie what you think. These will be Thursday 28th Jan at 6pm and Saturday 30th Jan at 2.30pm. Please email [email protected] to get the zoom link.
  • You can phone us on 0121 474 5900 and speak to Wendy who will take down your answers for you.
  • You can send us a video / drawing or in any other way that you communicate to [email protected]

We also ask that you share this with people that you know. You could hold a zoom session of people you work with or know and send us their answers or help someone who may find it difficult to respond to get their views heard. Through the diverse network of people who are part of SCF we are hoping to hear from a wide range of people, but we need your help with this.

Thank you for being part of this inquiry,

The Inquiry Group

Originally published by Telford & Wrekin Council