Schnel Hanson


Schnel Hanson – Founder of ‘Developing The Inner You’

Schnel’s passion is helping people discover who they really are. Through a variety of
masterclasses, online courses, group support sessions and personal coaching,
Schnel will guide you through all areas of your life, so that you can become the best
version of yourself.

By using the ‘Wheel of Wellbeing’ tool, Schnel is able to help individuals control their
wellbeing and mental health in manageable doses, aiming to remove overwhelming
feelings and emotions, by aiding motivation and encouraging individuals to progress.

By specialising in relationships and overcoming past traumas, Schnel can help
individuals to overcome the fears and anxieties which are preventing them from,
moving forward with their lives. From fear of divorce to letting go of career setbacks,
Schnels focus is always on helping women to achieve their dreams and LET GO.

Schnel’s entrepreneurial approach also led her to develop ‘The Inner You’ – a
wellbeing and personal development brand that helps entrepreneurs, small
businesses and larger corporates achieve their dreams. The goal is to take the
wellbeing industry to corporate levels, by helping businesses to thrive and take back
control of their business. Through coaching and mentoring, you will be empowered to
continue to grow and evolve your business, with a selection of sessions, including one
on one coaching, specialist retreats and open therapy sessions.

Her passion for wellbeing has seen her work with a variety of individuals and
businesses from all walks of life, and she continues to enjoy helping people reach their
potential. From the self-love retreats which are centred on self-love to individual
hypnotherapist sessions, Schnel is the guiding force which will help you to connect
with your inner self and achieve your full potential