Nikki Lane


I’m a lover of coffee, nature, painting and drawing. I’m a proud mom and part time youth worker. I also lead a tai chi based exercise class and mentor young people. I also manage anxiety and panic disorder. I use my artistic nature to escape life that is chaos to me, where I feel misunderstood. I write poetry for what I can put into words, paint pictures for what I can’t and I push my body and mind through exercise, movement and mindfulness. I communicate creatively., I am an artist.

I volunteer and work in the community in a few different ways. From sign writing for Brookside community fridge to running park fitness projects for teen engagement. Workshops for carnival of giants to graffiti projects. Covid saw the momentum of life slip, work reduced to making and delivering weekly food packages. HoweverI kept educating myself and exercising and I even took part in 2800 squat challenge for teenage cancer trust raising £290. Mentoring and volunteering for Recharge throughout helped me gain qualifications and awareness in-line with the services provided. I  realised my life needs a massive restructure.

I have this dream that I can build a business from my hobby, art. I have produced a lot of work in the past which I’ve gifted, gave away, donated to local charities and as a hobby my feedback is encouraging. I still have a lot of work and no space to separate art from my home and family life. Art is my passion, Id like to gain momentum of freelance working. I produce acrylic fantasy work, animal coffee and biro pictures, pencil portraits, biro portraits, watercolour paintings, I love creating and I’d like to learn how to make my own frames from reclaimed wood. This would also be an activity my son could help and gain skills from, this would also be useful for a future exhibition. I aim to continue producing work to sell and host community engagement from a base or hub with creative and casual drop in sessions.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

Pablo Picasso