Ewan Bent


Ewan is an experienced entrepreneur, with a passion for supporting young people in business.

Most of Ewan’s career has been in the sustainable energy sector.

In 2002 he began to promote and encourage the uptake of biomass heating, and in 2004, he took the plunge and set-up a fully commercial biomass fuel supply company – Midlands Wood Fuel.

Ewan grew this business for 11 years, attracting private equity investment and a team of colleagues along the way. He successfully managed a diverse portfolio of around 200 customers, and a very demanding production and delivery operation. He also attracted significant capital grants into the business.

Ewan can mentor businesses on a one to one basis, and also deliver workshops in the following areas:

The mechanics of setting up a business – company types and structures, banking, VAT, legal requirements, premises.

Business Planning, target setting and measurement – what is a business plan and why they are important. Plan structure, content and presentation. Setting targets and monitoring and measuring performance.

Customer Relationship Management – What are the principles of good customer management, and what are the mechanics of maintaining relationships. Why? and How?

Basics of Marketing – what is marketing, identifying and measuring what works best, why marketing is more than just advertising, managing enquiries, ensuring repeat business.

Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero – what the sustainability agenda means for business, and how it is an opportunity for any and all businesses, regardless of size and sector.

He is a member of the IBD Group of Independent Business Consultants – a selective network of around 175 other consultants covering every type of business experience imaginable.

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