Chris Gough


Chris is an approachable professional business advisor with an open, accessible, inclusive and collaborative leadership style with over 30 years IT and Management experience.

Chris worked in the corporate world for the last 30 years. He led the Small Business Office for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, facilitating the use of SMEs within the corporation, and for the last six years in the role of Regional Operations Director. He has extensive knowledge of supporting public sector tenders and working with the team to make sure that these are achievable, deliverable and beneficial to the business and customer.

Over the last year he has turning that experience to work with SMEs to help them grow, supporting the owners and staff as an integral member of the team. He supports the team with business management expertise focusing on Business Intelligence and Business Planning.

Five Key Tips for a Successful Businesses

1. Start with an end state in mind. Its much easier to get to somewhere if you know where you want to go.
2. Establish detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with time bounds. Make sure you understand what success looks like.
3. Monitor Monitor Monitor. When you have established your KPIs make sure you monitor at the correct frequency to understand when you will achieve your Goals.
4. Understand the Risks and Opportunities that will stop you meeting your Goals or exceeding them and review these regularly.
5. Make Course corrections – Not everything goes to plan make sure that you use the monitoring setup above to make corrections and strategy changes. Goto 1.

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