Azhar Hussain


Azhar Hussain is a strategic tax professional based in Telford, United Kingdom, bringing prolific expertise in taxation, financial accounting, risk management, and cost reduction. With an impressive record of spearheading tax engagements, Azhar has demonstrated capacity in generating new business opportunities and establishing robust client relations.
Presently, Azhar holds the esteemed positions of Tax Advisor and Managing Director at Certax Accounting, situated in Telford, United Kingdom. In these roles, he performs the pivotal function of furnishing an extensive array of services encompassing tax planning and compliance. Azhar’s expertise extends across the domains of personal and corporate tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.

In his capacity as Tax Advisor and Managing Director at Certax Accounting, Azhar continues to uphold the highest standards of excellence, providing clients with invaluable insights and solutions to navigate the complex landscape of taxation while ensuring their financial well-being and compliance with tax regulations. His unwavering dedication to the field of taxation and his commitment to delivering impeccable service further solidify his position as a trusted expert in the realm of financial advisory and tax consultancy.

In his commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence, Now, he seeks to make a significant impact on the community by offering his exceptional skills and proficiency as a mentor to our charity, sharing his vast knowledge and expertise to help promote financial literacy and management within the local community.
Azhar Hussain firmly believes in the power of knowledge-sharing, and we are thrilled to welcome him into our charitable endeavor, optimistic about the positive influence he will undoubtedly contribute.

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