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Marches Growth Hub Telford Business Covid Safe Update

Contact Telford & Wrekin Council for support to make your workplace Covid safe

Telford & Wrekin Council are working hard to provide support to employers across the borough to ensure that workplaces are safe.

Any employer who would like to seek support in reviewing their practice can email the Health Protection Hub – [email protected] or fill in the online form here.


Employees should get tested twice a week if they cannot work from home.

While the news that infection rates are falling in Telford and Wrekin is fantastic, there are still concerns about workplace transmission.

Businesses and organisations can quickly and simply arrange regular testing for their asymptomatic staff members in Telford and Wrekin. People should get tested twice a week if they cannot work from home.

Rapid testing is a simple and free way to help reduce transmission rates. Employees can book their rapid tests online. Results are available in 20-30 minutes, meaning teams can then head into their workplace with confidence.

One Telford-based business we wanted to shine a light on is ‘sweet treats’ manufacturer, Flower & White. They send staff to The Anstice in Madeley each week for rapid lateral flow testing.

Watch the video of them explaining how and why they do it.

Free rapid tests are available for all businesses for regular workplace testing


The Government announced that all businesses in England, including those with fewer than 50 employees, can sign up to the free coronavirus workplace testing programme.

Businesses are encouraged to register their interest by 31 March to order free rapid tests for their employees. Registration for the testing programme will close after 31 March and business can opt out at any time.

Rapid testing detects cases in under 30 minutes, meaning positive cases can isolate immediately, breaking chains of transmission.

Regular testing could be the difference between a workplace being able to stay open and operational, or needing to close due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Sign up for workplace testing, if you haven’t already done so

Guidance on what to do if you have a confirmed positive Covid-19 case in your workplace

Here is a reminder of what you should do in your workplace if one of your employees is a positive case:

  • A positive case must isolate for at least 10 days AND until well and fever free for 48 hours, regardless of any negative test.
  • Identify ALL close contacts during the infectious period. Close contacts must isolate 10 days, regardless of any negative test.
  • Contacts do not need to be tested unless they have symptoms.
  • Close contacts that receive a negative test result must still complete 10-day isolation period.

What is a close contact?

  • Close contact is defined as:
    • Direct physical contact (any duration)
    • Within 1m for 1 minute or more
    • Face-to-face contact under 1m (any duration)
    • 1-2m for 15 minutes or more
    • Travelled in a vehicle together

What is the infections period?

  • If symptomatic: Two clear days before day on which symptoms start – and for 10 days after
  • No symptoms: Two clear days before the day of the test – to 10 days after.

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