Kerry and Emma prepare for a daring tandem parachute jump in Shropshire for charities

Kerry and Emma prepare for a daring tandem parachute jump in Shropshire for charities

Kerry Rowley, the business manager at Shropshire Youth Support Trust, and Emma Woodhouse,
of Walker Health and Safety services, both hailing from Telford, will take on an exhilarating
challenge soon on the 24th of August 2023, a tandem parachute jump in Whitchurch, Shropshire.
Their courage and determination will not only fulfil their personal dreams but also contribute to the
betterment of their community. Kerry and Emma have chosen this thrilling adventure as a means to
raise funds for two local charities close to their hearts: Shropshire Youth Support Trust and the
cardiology department at Queen Elizabeth Birmingham Hospital.

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust is a charitable organisation based in Telford. Their primary
goal is to empower young people in Shropshire who face various challenges, such as
unemployment, homelessness, and educational barriers. The trust offers a wide range of support
services, including mentoring, training, and assistance in finding sustainable employment

Queen Elizabeth Birmingham Hospital is a renowned medical facility that provides exceptional care
and treatment to patients from the region and beyond. With a strong commitment to delivering
world-class healthcare, the hospital serves as a lifeline for many individuals and families facing
serious illnesses and injuries.

Both Kerry and Emma share a passion for supporting their local community and making a
meaningful difference in the lives of others. “A parachute jump is something that we’ve both always
wanted to do, and although we are nervous, we are also excited about completing the challenge
while raising money for two local charities that we are passionate about supporting,” Kerry and
Emma comment.

If you would like to show your support then please make a donation here

By undertaking this adrenaline-fuelled adventure, Kerry and Emma hope to inspire others to
contribute to these remarkable causes and raise awareness about the vital work carried out by the
Shropshire Youth Support Trust and Birmingham Hospital.

Together, let us applaud Kerry and Emma’s dedication to making a positive change, while wishing
them a safe and thrilling parachute jump on the 24th of August 2023.


Pictured, Kerry and Emma at Shropshire Youth Support Trust in Telford

At Shropshire Youth Support Trust we provide a range of support services for young people in Shropshire that are between the ages of 16-30. Further information about the support that we provide can be discovered through our three core programmes below.

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