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You have an idea but you need help and advice from mentors and peers, and you need office space to start and grow your business?

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We offer a range of workshops to help booster your skills and enhance your knowledge for essential employability

Our workshops are mentored from the very best entrepreneurs that have the necessary hands on experience, which they will deliver to you.

We aim to get you supported with the skills needed in order to gain employment.

These include:

• Interview Techniques
• Marketing Strategies
• CV Writing

and many more…


SYST provides the space and support for young disadvantaged people to create a job for themselves, maximising their business and personal potential, leading to financial independence.
We thrive on feedback, so for anyone who has used us in the past, we ask that if you can please provide a testimonial of your experience at SYST, you can do so by writing to us on here or leaving a review on Google.
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