13th November 2020 12-00 pm - 14:00 pm Shropshire Youth Support Trust SYST Event Online

The Market – Part 2

Delivered by: Shropshire Youth Support Trust

Know your market and Win it. You know what you’re selling, but who’s buying?

About this Event

UK Only

Knowing and fully understanding the environment in which you are selling your goods and services is one of the keys to business success. This series of two seminars gives you the tools you need to win in your market.

We cover:

• Identifying trends and staying ahead of them

• Understanding and Knowing your customers – what will make them buy from YOU?

• How to reach your customers

• Staying legal

• How your industry can help you

• Knowing your competition so you can beat them

The two part seminar involves group working and peer-to-peer interaction and learning.


Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to create and deliver a project to help support those made unemployed, or at risk of unemployment, Due to COVID-19. Whether you have been made redundant, or at risk of redundancy, or your business has closed or at risk of we can support you.

For the next 6 months we will have experts in employability and experts in business, providing support to you to help you back to work or back to business

Thanks to the Government for making this possible



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