15th June 2020 2-3pm Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Shropshire Chamber Event - Webinar

Prepare for Lift Off – Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Delivered by: Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Monday June 15
Prepare for Lift Off
2 – 3pm

Nick Jones is the Principal and Senior Wealth Manager at Nick Jones Wealth Planning. He has been helping clients arrange their financial affairs for over 20 years.

This free workshop includes some hints and tips for protecting your mental health in these difficult times. We will also be sharing a method Nick uses regularly with clients to really bring the future into focus.

‘My Life Chart’ is a simple tool that will enable you to look beyond the current situation and plan ahead for the next 20 years of your life.

This one-page vision will include yourself and your extended family. You will be able to personalise your own version during and after the session. Used as a basis for a joint conversation with your significant other, this exercise becomes even more powerful.

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