22nd February – 29th March 2023 13:00 - 16:00 Jake Gourley Shropshire Youth Support Trust

Oil Painting Masterclass

Delivered by: Jake Gourley

Join award winning artist Jacob Gourley for a 6-session masterclass in oil painting. In this course, attendees will be guided through an academic but painterly approach to still life and portraiture. Featuring demonstrations, group and individual tuition, the course is ideal for anyone who wishes to be introduced to representational oil painting or for those already familiar with the medium but seeking additional tuition and guidance.

Course breakdown:

Week 1 – Introduction to Oils – Still Life (black & white) 22.02.23

  • Becoming familiar with handling the medium and necessary materials
  • Form principle – how light interacts with simple objects
  • Shapes – learning to break a subject down into manageable 2D shapes
  • Tone – being able to see and mix accurate tonal relationships
  • Edges – learning to see and apply a range of edges to shapes in composition
  • Composition – how to select and design a strong yet balanced composition

Week 2 and 3- Still Life (colour) 01.03.23 & 08.03.23

  • With skills and knowledge acquired in previous week, using a limited palette of colour to paint a still life subject
  • Colour mixing
  • Colour temperature- seeing warm and cool colour relationships in subject

Week 4 – Portraiture (black and white) 15.03.23

  • Basic facial anatomy and proportions – measurement techniques, and learning to construct the portrait
  • Blocking in – breaking the portrait down into 2 or 3 large tonal masses
  • Applying previously acquired skills in still life painting to the portrait
  • Capturing expression in eyes and mouth


Week 5 and 6 Portraiture (colour) 22.03.23 & 29.03.23

Applying knowledge and techniques learned in previous weeks to a full colour portrait

To be eligible to attend you would need to be 19 to 24 and live within Telford and Wrekin and currently Not in Education Employment or Training.

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