30th October 2020 10am - 12pm Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd SYST Events Online

The Market/Market Research

Delivered by: Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting Ltd

The Market/Market Research.

This module will help you begin researching your chosen market/s or industry.

Overview of the Market

This is the only part of the Core Modules where you will research the industry as a whole and not just focus on your own business.

Examples of aspects covered in this section include:

  • The size of the Market
  • Past and Future trends
  • Special Events or Key Dates relevant to the industry you are entering.


We will guide you to find out as much as you can about your competitors, which will help you to effectively compete in the marketplace, and to understand what customers are buying and what they are paying.

Market Research 

The main aim of market research is to find out as much as possible about the industry and the business sector you are starting. We make sur that everything you do is completely relevant to helping you research your individual business, and to learn from what you discover in order to improve your products and services.

Topic will include:

  • Who your potential customers are
  • How to research the industry
  • Test Trading
  • Location & Territory
  • Seasonality
  • Demand
  • Your Network

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