24th March 2021 14:00 - 16:00 Inspired Mindset SYST Event Online

How to create an Inspired Mindset – Pt 6. Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism

Delivered by: Inspired Mindset

Imposter syndrome and perfectionism are incredibly common, learn strategies to drive excellence in a healthier and more effective way

About this Event

Imposter syndrome and perfectionism are incredibly common. Many of us feel that we are imposters that are not good enough. Sometimes perfectionism can be beneficial and drive high standards, but for many of us we can let our drive to be perfect hold us back. We might not want to engage in activities until we know we will be perfect, or we can heavily procrastinate. Sometimes we stop ourselves from applying for jobs because we don’t feel that we are enough, we beat ourselves up when we don’t perform perfectly and we stop ourselves from presenting ourselves or our work to others. If you resonate with this then you may benefit from learning strategies to drive excellence in a healthier and more productive and effective way.

The Session Includes:

  • Imposter Syndrome (I.S)
  • Types of imposter Syndrome
  • Characteristics
  • Negative Beliefs
  • Strategies for I.S
  • Types of perfectionism
  • Your perfectionism
  • Perfectionist thinking
  • Strategies for perfectionism
  • Procrastination

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