1st December 2021 18:00 - 19:00 Alex McCarthy Coaching SYST Event Online

How to condition your mind for success using NLP

Delivered by: Alex McCarthy Coaching

This workshop will go over what an NLP is and how to condition your brain for success.

About this event

What is NLP? Neurolinguistic programming is a methodology that uses communication techniques and language processing to change behavior patterns. “Neuro” refers to the brain, “linguistic” refers to language and “programming” is the way we process that information

Agenda:– What is NLP?- Affirmations- Visualisation- Reframing- Anchoring

NLP is a powerful tool for creating positive lasting change in our lives and businesses

If you meet our charitable criteria and are based within the county of Shropshire our events are free of charge, otherwise charges will be applicable. Please contact us to discuss your eligibility at:

T: 01952 299214E: hello@systbusiness.co.uk

Refunds are only available up to 7 days prior to the course date. If you cancel within 7 days of your course the full fee will not be refundable.

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