15th May 2020 09:00 - 10:30am Marches Growth Hub / Good2Great Marches Growth Hub Event - Online

Friday Hub – Shropshire Business, Zoom Room – this week Ian Preston will be re-evaluating how we can use LinkedIn to best advantage

Delivered by: Marches Growth Hub / Good2Great

Are you a business based in Shropshire? Do you want to collaborate with like minded and develop actions to support your business?

The Marches Growth Hub Shropshire in collaboration with Good2Great invites you to meet, network and share learning , and develop a plan for your business moving forward.

This FREE, live webinar will be facilitated by Johnny Themans, and will also include, guest appearances from some of the very best business specialists that Shropshire has to offer.

Invest in your business by coming along to practical workshops that will offer:

  • Practical actions for your business that you can take right now
  • Develop strategies to take your business forward
  • Networking with other Shropshire business owners

Guest Speaker

This week Ian Preston will be re-evaluate how we can use LinkedIn to best advantage. He’ll be addressing two parts. First he will help us to critically examine our LinkedIn presence and make improvements to best represent how we are and how we work in the real world. Then, in part 2, he will provide practical tips and a real walk through how to reach out to key people in a way that is authentic and that will start meaningful conversations that lead to business.

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