24th July 2020 9am Marches Growth Hub Marches Growth Hub Event - Online

Friday Hub – Shropshire Business, Zoom Room – 24th July @ 9am

Delivered by: Marches Growth Hub

Anna Bowler – Superstar Positioning 

In the Friday Hub – Shropshire Business Zoom Room this week, Anna Bowler, a local freelance digital marketeer and skills tutor is going to explain why it’s ok to share all your ‘trade secrets’ with your potential clients and how it will give you the competitive edge.

In fact, she’ll explain why it is essential if you want to create and maintain an authoritative reputation in your specific field. We frequently hear ‘How much is too much’, or ‘If I tell them all my secrets – they will just do it themselves’. Anna explains how ‘the more you share, the more they will want you…”

As normal, you will mix with other like-minded companies in the break out rooms and share ideas for how you can apply what you learn from Anna.

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