30th April – 21st May 2020 30th April, 7th, 14th & 21st May - 10am-11am Marches Growth Hub / Wendy Brook of Merulae Ltd Virtual weekly drop-in session

FREE Weekly Q&A session: Mental Health & Emotional Well-being for you or someone you know

Delivered by: Marches Growth Hub / Wendy Brook of Merulae Ltd

30th April,

7th May,

14th May

21st May

10am – 11am

Are you worried about your mental health and well-being or someone you know? A friend, family member or colleague?

Would you like to ask a mental health professional a question about something you are experiencing with your own well-being or find out ways you could help those around you?

Join Wendy in a virtual weekly drop-in session to ask questions about mental health. Each session you can bring questions or scenarios and listen to others. Use this time to come together with others and know you are not alone.

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