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FREE LinkedIn 1-2-1 Support from Connect Consultancy

Delivered by: Kim Gilmour - Connect Consultancy

LinkedIn Support for ASYSTED Businesses

LinkedIn is a much underrated tool for business to business networking and a great way to showcase your skills, build a profile and a reputation as the ‘go to’ expert in your profession.

You need to get the basics right; your profile, what you publish and how you build and interact with your connections before you generate new contacts and leads.

If you have a LinkedIn profile but it is out of date and you want to learn more about how to use it to improve their reputation and sales then perhaps I can help?

I am Kim of Connect Consultancy and I provide freelance marketing support for small businesses in and around Shropshire including training on LinkedIn and developing content for LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

How the process can work…

  1. Via email we chat about your ideal customer and your business and what you want to achieve, you send me the link to your LinkedIn profile and any links to your website or social media accounts so I can get a feel for your business.
  2. I make suggestions to improve your profile via email, I might send you some handouts and you then implement the suggestions on your profile within a time deadline I set.
  3. We have a Zoom or WhatsApp call and we have a chat about anything that I feel still needs improvement and you ask any questions about LinkedIn.
  4. I set you some tasks such as connecting with your Ideal Client and posting content again within a time deadline.
  5. We then have a further review either by email or call and I will continue to be available via email for any further questions.


Kim Gilmour

Connect Consultancy

Tel: 07870 541 726



Twitter: @KimGConnect

Facebook: @connectconsultancyuk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimgilmourconnectmarketing/

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