20th July – 21st September 2023 13:00 - 16:00 The Shropshire Dungeon Master Shropshire Youth Support Trust

Dungeons and Dragons

Delivered by: The Shropshire Dungeon Master

The Shropshire Dungeon Master makes tabletop role-playing games easy and accessible for new players, as well as bringing quality gaming experiences to existing players. A great way to entertain 4-6 people with limited space requirements, with options available for all experience levels, and for fans of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the absurd.

Role-playing games can also help teach, refine, and apply valuable life skills, as well as promoting fair play, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.

Dread: Working Late, a group of office workers are in their cubicles after hours chasing deadlines. What happens next can only be an improvement, right?

Vaesen: Sandman, those who can see between the mortal world and the realms of fey are tasked with keeping the peace. In this particular case, a creature has cursed an entire town with sleeplessness, and the team must figure out why.

D&D Improv: No plans, just a lose collection of prompts which I’ll have to use to wing an entire adventure! Will it work? Maybe. Will it be funny as hell? Usually! Who knows?

*To be eligible to attend you would need to be 19 to 24 and live within Telford and Wrekin and currently Not in Education Employment or Training*

These events are limited to six players

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