15th January 2019 10:30 am - 12.30 pm Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting SYST Enterprise Centre – Telford
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The Mechanics of setting up a business workshop

Delivered by: Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting

Join Ewan Bent of Shrewsbury Business Consulting on this informative workshop on the mechanics of setting up a business, you will look at

Naming your businesses

What makes a good business name. How to register a trading name. What you can and can’t call your businesses.

Should you Trademark your company name?

Business Structure

We examine the pros and cons, and minimum requirements, for both Sole Trader and Limited Company structures. What are the risks in each structure, what are the banking requirements, what needs to be reported and to whom. How set up a limited company, and what Companies House do. Registering with HMRC, and what your legal responsibilities to them will be.

Financial Record Keeping Systems

Whichever structure, robust financial record keeping is a legal requirement. We explore the minimum requirements.


Do you need a business bank account? If so, how are they different from personal accounts.


Is it relevant to your business? What are the requirements for registration and charging / reclaiming it.


Establishing whether you need premises for your business, and if so, being realistic with your expectations.

Are there alternatives to long term leases for new start businesses? Can you share premises? Are in-store concessions an option for example?

Your pitch

Describing what your business does, and why it does it, in two sentences.

Developing an action plan

You need a plan to start and grow your business. Writing down all the critical activities, and working out which order they go in and reduces the stress and risks of starting a business.





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