6th February 2019 10:30 am - 12.30 pm Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting SYST Enterprise Centre – Telford
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Business Planning, Target setting & Measurement workshop

Delivered by: Ewan Bent - Shrewsbury Business Consulting

Join Ewan Bent of Shrewsbury Business Consulting on this informative workshop on business planning, target setting and measurement, you will look at

What is a business plan, and why it’s important

A business plan describes the business – it sets out the purpose of the business, what need it addresses, what sets it apart from other similar businesses.

Producing a business plan is a vital activity for any business, but need not be pages and pages of text. We examine the key requirements. Banks and other lenders will most likely demand to see a business plan.

SWOT analysis

What is a SWOT and why it is such a useful exercise to go through.

Defining your product or service

You need to be able to describe your business succinctly and accurately. To do so, you must analyse what it is you do, and why.

Charging your product / service

What price will you charge? How will you set that price?

Knowing your costs

What is a direct cost, and what is an overhead. Have you cponsidered all your costs?

Setting a realistic sales forecast

In the first 12 months of the business, what is a realistic sales forecast? How will the long term forecast differ. A realistic forecast is a function of market size, marketing activity, and your capacity to deliver it.

Developing a Profit and Loss forecast

A P&L pulls together the sales forecast, product pricing, the direct costs and the overheads and forms one of the two most important financial statements of the business.

Cash Flow forecasting

What is a cash flow forecast, how to make one, and why it is vital. The cash flow is the second of the two essential financial statements.

Measuring Progress

Having set a sales forecast, we examine how to measure performance against it. This not only involves measuring sales, but also measuring costs to ensure that both are in line with the plan.

We examine how to measure sales progress in real time, so that the business owner can influence them before it’s too late.





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