5th June 2018 1:00pm - 4:00pm Pete Bryceland Syst Hub
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Clarity in Business Workshop

Delivered by: Pete Bryceland

Who’s your most dangerous competitor?  What’s the biggest threat to your business?  What’s holding you back from making progress?

It makes sense to:  Evaluate your competition, Understand the threats to the success of your business, Identify all the obstacles that are holding you back from success.

Often, these questions and others like them lead to pre-occupation with outside forces, they take us away from the real issue, they point us in the wrong direction.  Nobody performs at their best when they’re preoccupied and It’s hard to make progress when you’re looking in the wrong direction…

Your most dangerous competitor is contaminated thinking, the biggest threat to your business is a cluttered mind.  

The ONLY thing holding you back from making progress is a simple misunderstanding.  YOU already have the capacity to be successful in your business built in, the answer very rarely lies in “more information” If it did you’d already be there.


Clarity in Business brings the principles of human experience to the forefront.  Understanding how our minds work allows us to free ourselves to focus on taking action, cutting through the endless seeking and staying on track.

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